Flora and Fauna of Jorvik


feliciawinterlord: I'm just happy that the JWs will finally be just as fast as a normal horse now :) Sept 18, 2019 15:50:42 GMT 10
feliciawinterlord: It seems like we're getting the traveling market back next week, and more Token locations :D Sept 18, 2019 19:09:57 GMT 10
Fennec☆: I should've not sold no idea why I did anyway I hated selling horses then too my JWH I had a few years back xD Sept 18, 2019 23:09:01 GMT 10
Fennec☆: I didn't like it because it was slow... that's it... Sept 18, 2019 23:09:20 GMT 10
Emily Archberg: Oof I am sooo annoyed that they put the open house music to the updated Greendale forest too... All forest areas deserve music themes of their own imo Sept 18, 2019 23:54:48 GMT 10
Emily Archberg: Like I think the open house theme was OK in GHV forest because it resembles the competition music there with the violins and energy, but Greendale is just so much more misty and mystical it really should have it's own theme :'( Sept 18, 2019 23:56:12 GMT 10
McLord: Oi! can you use the JWH in icelandic races? I mean of course the one they call "Icelandic type" Sept 19, 2019 6:47:07 GMT 10
feliciawinterlord: I doubt it. They just have the Icelandic model, and nothing else. They are not cold resistant, they can't tölt so i assume they can't do the Icey race since they aren't actual Iceys :P Sept 19, 2019 7:00:06 GMT 10
McLord: Aww, too bad! Would have been two birds with one stone for me :) thanks Sept 19, 2019 8:01:26 GMT 10
Anouk silentwolf: for the icelantic race you actually need to tolt so the jwh wont really help but for a horse hes pretty cheap Sept 19, 2019 8:36:41 GMT 10
McLord: True, it really is! I just don't prefer Icelandic model but would want one for the race. Would have been more justified :) Sept 20, 2019 0:52:39 GMT 10
curiousexplorers: Hopefully some day they'll bring out a cold resistant pony. We don't have a pony yet that is also cold resistant. Only horses. Or allow the icelandic to enter the pony champ and race that would be perfect too, all in one. Sept 20, 2019 3:17:16 GMT 10 *
Gabrielle Greenleaf: Ooooh. What if they release the Highland Pony as a special cold resistant pony? It's a breed of pony native to the Scottish Highlands and is very hardy. It would make sense for it to have cold resistance. Sept 21, 2019 15:15:27 GMT 10
curiousexplorers: That would be awesome Gabrielle, we suggested the Yakut when they had the poll but any cold resistant breed that would be able to be classified as a pony would be an actual new variation that is not yet in the game today. Sept 21, 2019 16:45:55 GMT 10 *
McLord: Oh yeah, that would be awesome! I actually voted for Gotland Pony myself, but I'm not sure how they'd be classified really, probably not cold resistant, but they are adorable. Would love to see both Highland Pony and Yakut Sept 21, 2019 20:28:02 GMT 10
ellaashlight: does anyone know how to download autumm riders? Sept 23, 2019 1:16:53 GMT 10
Heather Duskfire: I'm having to finally delete my "I remain absolutely astounded how drama-free Cookie Canyon is" because it's most officially not a cute little server anymore . Oh well! It was fun while it lasted when it consisted of people trying to escape Wind/Night Sta Sept 23, 2019 2:41:58 GMT 10
Stars: hhhhh Sept 23, 2019 6:46:11 GMT 10
Stars: sso is not replying anymore- i asked for them to send the messages that warranted my perm chat ban. Sept 23, 2019 6:47:03 GMT 10
Stars: also i have 69 posts lmao Sept 23, 2019 6:53:45 GMT 10