SS won't start says "It's update time"


curiousexplorers: A lot of people are complaining about not being able to log on last few SSO posts so it probably is something SSO has to solve. With reinstall it has helped some in the past to try installing on a different drive or different location then the default one. Jan 22, 2020 18:00:04 GMT 10
lucysteelknight: I've tried the things such as turning my laptop on and off and reinstalling, but for me it doesn't work. Guess it's up to SSO right now, so hopefully they can find the problem :) Jan 23, 2020 1:02:51 GMT 10
Gabrielle Greenleaf: The new Zony is beyond awesome!!!!!!! Jan 30, 2020 3:44:34 GMT 10
rubyskywalker: ikr! I'm waiting to get an Akhal-Teke first and then get the Vega... unless something limited time catches my eye first. Jan 30, 2020 16:36:20 GMT 10
stefaniesilverback: I really like the Vega, but i'm not gonna buy it. I don't really like ponies xD Feb 1, 2020 18:36:19 GMT 10
stefaniesilverback: Also, i'm trying to control myself because i just saw an andalusian i really want 😂 Feb 1, 2020 18:37:01 GMT 10
crab: SSO just announced the palomino Akhal Teke in their app, and I just downloaded it this morning, but it's not there? How long would I have to wait before I can choose this horse? Feb 7, 2020 5:28:42 GMT 10
Gabrielle Greenleaf: It sometimes takes a while from the time a game/software company sends the app/apk files to the App Store/Play Store and the time that Apple/Microsoft processes it and puts it up for download. Feb 7, 2020 12:26:26 GMT 10
Gabrielle Greenleaf: Keep checking back on the App Store/Play Store for pending updates. I already see it on the Play Store. Feb 7, 2020 12:29:58 GMT 10
coradragonbrooke: is there any roleplays? Feb 10, 2020 6:20:00 GMT 10
curiousexplorers: READYSETRIDE20 to get 100 Star Coins!

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Feb 11, 2020 21:50:54 GMT 10
Arisha Moonpeak: GALENTIN3S to get 100 Star Coins! (Only valid for players who have paid suscription though) Feb 13, 2020 0:32:31 GMT 10 *
Arisha Moonpeak: BESTIES4EVER - 7 days free star rider Feb 13, 2020 0:34:45 GMT 10
rubyskywalker: One week from Saturday I can welcome my beautiful akhal-teke Dustyrose into my stable... :D Feb 13, 2020 17:51:34 GMT 10
feliciawinterlord: Nice :) I just bought the dark bay tobiano Tinker and i'm in love <3 Feb 14, 2020 0:46:38 GMT 10 *
stefaniesilverback: Did y'all see the new knabstrupper horse spoiler? It's amazing! ( Idk if i spelled it right, just ignore. ) Feb 14, 2020 3:50:40 GMT 10
Cassandra Ghosthurricane: The knabstrupper model looked a little strange to me on the vid, will have to see them in game before I make the call to buy or not. A little low on Star coins now too :( Feb 14, 2020 23:15:24 GMT 10
Hannah Wolfmother: The knabstrupper ain't my kind of horse but hey it cute ig Feb 15, 2020 8:47:09 GMT 10
feliciawinterlord: I think they look really good, and i might get one... but i am slightly dissapointed that they are using the Andalusian animations on them Feb 15, 2020 19:54:03 GMT 10
Hannah Wolfmother: I change my mind. The more I look the more I realize they legit ugly don't come for me Feb 17, 2020 8:43:22 GMT 10